This guide — the first ever of its kind — offers mortgage bankers comprehensive, smart guidance about implementing and managing a hedging program.  In this guide, a seasoned secondary marketing manager shares insight, experiences, and knowledge to show you how a hedging program works, what it takes to get it going, and what it’s like to manage it.  You will learn a safe, conservative, and predictable approach to hedging that is accepted by the industry as the best tactic for small- to mid-size lenders.

In this book, you’ll get the background information you need to move forward, a step-by-step walkthrough of the day-to-day routine and how to do it well, advice on getting started, and techniques to maximize your return.

Find out . . .

* Why mandatory execution makes you a better mortgage banker

* The real risk and returns of a hedging program

* Steps to take to get your organization ready

* How to execute trades (and talk like a trader!)

* The traps and how to avoid them